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Hi! I am Marloes Lupker, I live & work in Amsterdam and I have been tattooing since 2008 and have dedicated my life to the art ever since. After many years of working in different studios in the Netherlands, it was time to realise my own vision, a relaxing and warm studio that makes everyone feel right at home. I love tattooing many different styles, and am well versed in both Color and Black & Grey work. I most of all love doing realism aswell as Neotraditional, and have recently created my own style of Stained Glass tattoos!

Quality over Quantity

I prefer to work on larger or more intricate pieces and fully focus on only one client per day. This way of working enables me to give all my love & attention to you and your tattoo! I create unique designs for every tattoo that I do to make sure that it is yours and yours alone. Always feel free to contact me with any questions you have regarding your tattoo wishes! If you are unsure of what it should look like, but you have an idea of what elements you want I am great at designing the right tattoo for you. It is however still very helpful if you send me some inspiration, examples and tattoo styles that you find beautiful.

Color and Black & Grey

I really enjoy all kinds of tattoo styles and do both color & black and grey pieces! Here are some examples of some of my more recent color tattoos in both realism, surrealism, neotraditional and stained glass: 

I also really enjoy making black & grey realistic animal portraits, portraits of gorgeous female faces, flowers and more! Here are some examples of tattoos I did in multiple black & grey styles like the realistic lion portrait, a sketchy neotraditional babe and an ornamental piece with illustrative flowers:

Check out my full portfolio here!

My Tattoo Studio

Ink & Intuition

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